Hardcore / / Canada
Plus Minus is a Montreal hardcore band formed in 2008. Soon after, their first demo was released in 2009. The vocals were then rerecorded and the demo was re-released in 2010. They have shared the stage with notable hardcore acts such as the Cro-mags, Madball, Merauder, Death Threat, Backtrack, and Trapped Under Ice. Being fans of 80's and 90's NYHC, you can hear influences from Breakdown, Prong and Dmize in their sound. Pair their over all love for hip hop with the howling vocals, heavy NYHC barre chords, consistent bass sound and drummer's unique style; these guys bring something unique to the table all while making you want to punch someone in the face. Also known as the Lifers Crew, the members of Plus Minus are known for their involvement in the local scene by putting on shows, releasing their own zines and recently starting a co-op record label for local bands. They are one of the reasons why hardcore is still going strong in Montreal today.